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Points North Landing is a beautiful camp situated on Saskatchewan Highway 905, Saskatchewan, Canada. Despite of being small in area, Points North Landing offers everything from accommodation, airport to adventurous activities. Theriau Lake Lodge is one of the most famous tourist attractions where you can enjoy canoeing, relaxation, hunting and much more. In fact Points North Landing is so beautiful that you can setup a camp anywhere and spend the day exploring the scenery and preparing delicious barbeque.

Best Areas to Book a Hotel in Points North Landing

We understand the importance of finding the perfect Points North Landing hotel that meets your need, style, and budget, so we have listed some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Points North Landing, based on the area proximity to top attractions and the selection of hotels for different budget.

There are not many upscale accommodations in Points North Landing so the best bet is to book a mid-range or budget accommodation near the airport. The rooms are spacious, service is good and the tariff is affordable.

Tips to Save on Points North Landing Hotel Deals

Book in the winter season (December-March) when the temperature can drop below the freezing point. Since the tourist rush is less you can easily get discounts on the hotel rooms.

Book your accommodation at least 45 days in advance if you want to save. Remember the earlier you book, the better the saving is. This is one rule that always delivers.

Don't book everything separately (flights, hotels etc), instead go for a complete package that includes everything from day tours, flights to accommodation. You'll save much more this way.