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Situated in Southeastern New Brunswick in Canada, Moncton will certainly impress you with its natural beauty. Not only does this city offer plenty of adventurous activities, it also enjoys an exciting nightlife. Take your kids to the Crystal Palace Amusement Park which boasts of exciting rides and don't forget to try the exciting skiing trails in the Centennial Park. Remember, Moncton is all about having fun.

Best Areas to Book a Hotel in Moncton

We understand the importance of finding the perfect Moncton hotel that meets your need, style and budget, so we have listed some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Moncton, based on the area proximity to top attractions and the selection of hotels for different budget.

You'll find most of the guest houses and hostels on the Fleet Street which is the perfect neighborhood for budget travelers. For those who are traveling on a modest budget, Fleet Street is an excellent choice.

Book your accommodation on the Main Street which is home to some of the best mid-range and upscale hotels in the city. Depending on your budget you can get a room to meet your style. Book here if you want to enjoy the blend of ultra spacious rooms and endless recreational amenities.

Stay on the Magnetic Hill if you want to stay close to some of the best attractions in the city. Magnetic Hill Zoo and Magnetic Hill Optical Illusion Museum are some of the famous attractions that you can visit. This neighborhood also has many shopping stores, so shopaholics are in for a great time.

Tips to Save on Moncton Hotel Deals

Travel in the off-season (January-March) when the average low temperature is around 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Since tourists avoid this season you can easily get discounts on the hotel rooms.

Book at least three weeks in advance if you want to avail good discounts on the hotel rooms. It's one golden rule that never fails to deliver.

Buying a complete package (flights + hotels + sightseeing) always tends to be less costly than buying everything separately.