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Why Rent a Car in Fredericton with us?

Rent a car on and explore Fredericton at your leisure. A rental car is one of the best means to visit all your favorite attractions in Fredericton including Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Historic Garrison District, and Soldiers' Barracks. When you book a rental car with us, you will always get the best Fredericton car rental deals. Apart from saving big with our cheap rates, renting a car with us is also very easy and convenient. All you have to do is, choose a car that suits your needs and you can pick up your rental car, right at the Fredericton Airport or have it delivered at your hotel.

Getting Around Fredericton

Heritage Victorian architecture, beautiful rivers and international cuisines attract people to the city of Fredericton. Renting a car is the best way to know about the city, it not only gives you more freedom but also saves you from the hassles of public transport. If you would be driving around the city for the first time then these are some of the tips that will come in handy.

• Speed limit in residential and school zones is 20 mph which can go up to 70 mph on the highways.

• There are more than 400 on-street parking spots in downtown as well as plenty of parking garages. Some of the best places to park your car would be the 'East End Parking Garage' situated on 635 King Street and the 'Brunswick Street Garage' located on 535 Brunswick Street.

• 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM are the peak hours of traffic so avoid congested areas like the King Street and Campbell Street during these rush hours.

Take a Day Trip!

• If you like to explore heritage architecture then drive to the Woodstock City which is about an hour's drive from Fredericton. 'Charles Connell House' and 'Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve' are two of the most famous attractions in the city.

• Drive around 100 miles to reach the city of Miramichi which is particularly famous for its romantic boat tours. This town has plenty of Irish immigrants so tasting the delicious Irish cuisine should certainly be on your mind.