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Cheap Vacations in South Pacific

From playing outdoors near laidback beaches to unearthing the mystery of Easter Island, the South Pacific offers vast opportunities a traveler could desire from any region. A vacation in this enchanting region is an undoubtable memory-maker.

When to go to South Pacific

  • See the best of Tahitian Dance during the annual Heiva i Tahiti festival (July) in French Polynesia.

Top Things to do in South Pacific

  • Enjoy an air safari while observing the panoramic beauty of Papua New Guinea.

How do you Book Cheap South Pacific Vacations?

  • Find the best vacations for less: The best way to get cheap South Pacific vacations is by booking your flight, hotel and car together. With vacation packages you can save up to 60% on your trip.
  • Choose how to Search: Find the perfect vacation package with our "deals by price" sorting feature.
  • Holiday Travel: Try to avoid traveling during the busy season and you can save big. Book early to save money and get the vacation you want.

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