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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Marys Harbour

Reasons to Book Cheap Mary’s Harbour Flights

Mary’s Harbour (YMH) is a small town located on the southern coast of Labrador in Canada. Earlier a site for salmon fishery, the town now depends on crab fishery for its livelihood. Famous for its historic Battle Harbour and home to the beautiful St Mary’s River, tourists will love the breathtaking beauty of the town as well as its delicious sea food.

Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour is not to be missed at any cost. Considered economic centre of Labrador coast in the past, the harbor contains historic buildings, beautiful scenery and also houses artifacts of the fishing industry. Accommodation for overnight stay is available in the harbor and tourists can stay in any one of the six heritage homes.

Labrador Pioneer Footpath

For those who love adventure, head to Labrador Pioneer Footpath which is an unforgettable walking and hiking route. The trail goes along the shores of Labrador’s straits and takes you through numerous historic sites as well as natural beauties.

St Mary’s River

Don’t miss Salmon fishing experience in the St Mary’s River and get a taste of what locals love and earn their livelihood with. You can also relax by the shores and watch the beautiful sceneries.