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Deals on International Flights

Planning a vacation of a lifetime? Looking for a travel deal which perfectly suits your budget? We understand that costly airfare could act as a deterrent to many travelers, so we have on offer for you low cost travel deals that would enable you to plan a vacation without worrying about the expenses. CheapOair.CA is a one stop website to cater to all your travel needs. Whether you’re looking for cheap international flights, best deals or economical international airline tickets to take your family for a vacation, we offer you the most budget-friendly deals.

Given the passion of travelers for globetrotting, we provide all sorts of travel deals to help the travelers see the world without creating a dent in the pocket. If you are the kind of traveler who goes bonkers for wildlife, then head to Forest of Knives in Madagascar. Whether you want to spend some quality time on the gorgeous beaches and blue lagoons of Thailand, the desire to be at the observation deck of sky-kissing Burj Khalifa in Dubai, or get awe-struck by the scenic splendor of Australia, whatever, we believe in making your dreams come true.

You can also visit our website and checkout various cost-effective deals and book the one that suits you the most. Our travel agents are available to help you get the best deal.

International Flight Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Cheap International Flight Deals?
Travelers, more often than not, are confused about the best way to book international flights. It’s always best to book directly through an airline if you are getting a good flight deal, instead of through an online travel agency, since the latter incorporates additional fees in ticket booking which is not cost-effective. However, it is always better that you double-check to make sure you’ve gotten the best deal.

When is the Best Time to Book International Flight Deals?
Contrary to common perception, snapping up the best international flight deals is not determined by the timing of your booking. This is partly because foreign airlines compete directly with US ones, and in many of the countries in which they operate, fare sales are not dictated by how far in advance you book as is the case in the US. Don’t be surprised if you chance upon a rock-bottom fare on an international flight a week or even a day before travel. Even then, the best time to book an international flight is five to six months in advance. Several travel portals offer features, which help one comb through pricing data to determine when the best time to book your flight is.

Is there any Best Airline for International Flight Deals?
Never get fixated on one airline only when it comes to booking your international flight. Try going for those airlines which offer good amenities including food and services. Many travel portals would help you find the best price. For example, if you are looking to book your flight from New York to Munich, these web portals will display even non-traditional itineraries first if they have the best price available.

Can I get Cheap Flights from the US to European Hubs?
The introduction of transatlantic flights by many carriers have made things much easier for flyers looking for cheap international flights. Barring peak summer season, it isn’t that difficult to find cheap flights from US cities to various European hubs like Stockholm, Paris, London, and Amsterdam, even on full-service airlines.

Book Multi-City Itineraries for International Flight Deals
Set up price alerts for receiving notification regarding changing flight airfares. Another best practice for getting cheap international flight deals is to book multi-city itineraries. For example, if you are flying from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur, you can fly back home out of Bangkok or Singapore. Round trip is always expensive than multi-city itineraries.

Competitive Prices a Real Boon for Flyers

The conventional belief that one must choose proper timing to book cheap international flights in advance no more holds true owing to increased competition among a variety of carriers. Moreover, the perception that only low-cost airlines offer cheap flight deals is no longer true. With so many airlines slugging it out in a battle for cheap airfare, things couldn’t get easier for flyers and vacationers.

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