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I loved china 
Kelly 5Star Jul 27, 2014

My trip to china was incredible and the city I really loved was Hang Zhou.They have 3 parks and they were all beautiful and make sure you are ready to walk a lot in the parks, they are very large.There are a few restaurants that are very good to eat at I can't remember the names of them. When you go to get something to eat any where in china you should go to the big restaurants not the small ones, Guangzhou was also very nice. I went to Shanghai it was very nice but to crowded and I did think that the buildings were huge.When you walking in any city in china you have to watch for the vehicles the drivers don't stop for people walking.So I really loved my trip in china I would go there again

I love Budapest! 
Judith 5Star Jul 26, 2014

Beautiful scenery, kind people, excellent food! The spas are especially relaxing and enjoyable. Low prices!

Best city for me 
Biling 5Star Jul 26, 2014

Beautiful friendly safe good food every thing you need


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