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Travel Insurance
Even the best-planned travel can be impacted by the unforeseen sickness, medical emergency, delayed flights, lost passports or baggage delay, etc. Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your ticket investment, and incur unplanned expenses.
Some examples of covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption include illness, injury or death of you, a family member or traveling companion; traffic accident en route to departure; a documented theft of passports or visas; mandatory evacuation; terrorism; and your home made uninhabitable by fire, flood, hurricane or natural disaster. See description of coverage for more information
PLAN CODE: 808483
In the event of a claim, please refer to the above Plan code. First, notify the airline that you are canceling. Then call the booking Web site Insurance Hotline to request a claim form. For coverage questions or to request a claim form, call Canada & Continental USA 1.866.648.8425,International (collect) 1.416.646.3723
The Insurer will reimburse up to $100.00 CAD per day for Reasonable Additional Expenses until travel becomes possible in case the trip is delayed 12 or more consecutive hours from the original departure time as a result of a cancellation or delay of a regularly scheduled airline flight for one of the Unforeseen events listed below:
  • Common Carrier delay;
  • the Insured's or Traveling Companion's lost or stolen passports,
  • travel documents, or money;
  • the Insured or Traveling Companion is quarantined
  • Natural Disaster; or
  • Injury or Sickness of the Insured or Traveling Companion
If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours upon your arrival at your vacation destination, this plan will provide coverage for the purchase of emergency essential items up to $100 CAD.
Frequent Flyer Miles are not covered if you must cancel or interrupt your trip. If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you will only be reimbursed the money actually paid for the trip.
The Insurer will not pay for any Loss or expense incurred as the result of an Injury, Sickness or other condition of an Insured, Traveling Companion, Business Partner or Family Member which, within the 180 day period immediately preceding and including the Insured's coverage effective date:
  • first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment;
  • for which care or treatment was given or recommended by a Physician;
  • required taking prescription drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the drugs or medicines are taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription drugs or medicines.
Yes, the insurance plan includes coverage for a Terrorist Incident within 30 days of scheduled arrival. Please refer to the description of coverage for more details.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your Description of Coverage within 10 days of receipt. Your plan payment will be refunded, provided there has been no incurred covered expense. When so returned, the plan is void from the beginning. After this 15-day free look period, the payment for this plan is non-refundable.