Vacation Package
A vacation package is a combination of Flight+Hotel or Flight+Hotel+Car that give you access to special rates.
By choosing to buy your vacation package through CheapOair, you are saving time as well as money. You'll always get the lowest airfare on the participating airlines with the purchase of a CheapOair vacation package. In addition, we negotiate discounted hotel and car rental rates and pass the savings to you.

Also, you can travel on any day of the week and stay as long as you wish. You're not stuck with certain days. And, you don't have to put up with often less reliable charter flights.
  • Vacation during non-peak vacation times if you are flexible; avoid major holidays if possible.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and sometimes Saturday are usually the cheapest.
  • When you're going to a popular vacation area like Orlando or Las Vegas, leaving on Friday tends to cost the most, as does returning on Sunday.
  • Package prices in places like Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, and Orlando cost most on weekends. But, packages in business centers like Chicago cost less on weekends, except during special events.
Yes, you can. We bundle the options as per our proprietary technology which combines your required travel product based on price, location and ratings. At any time before the booking is completed, you can pick and choose flights, hotels or cars to get the desired vacation package.
CheapOair Vacation Packages are currently not available in all markets. We are adding new vacation packages for various cities every day. If your search did not yield any result, you can book your requirements separately. You can also call our vacation package specialists at 888-766-3163 to receive the best combination for your vacation needs.
Upon clicking the "Book" button you will receive a confirmation screen with a Booking number indicating your booking request was successfully made. You will also receive an immediate email with the booking confirmation number and itinerary details.

Please note that a final email with the ticket details, hotel and/or car confirmation and travel instructions will be sent once travel documents are issued.
The special price of your vacation package is based on the combination of your selected travel products - Flight+Hotel or Flight+Hotel+Car.

At this point, you will not be able to cancel only one portion of the vacation package. You will have to cancel the entire vacation package which will depend on the cancellation rules of the individual flight, hotel and car as per the combination selected.
You have the ability to change your entire vacation package. But, any change to one portion will imply a change to the other portions too. Thus, if you have booked a Flight+Hotel combination, a change to the flight portion will have to be accompanied by a change to the hotel too, as per the terms and conditions of the selected vacation package. Also note that airline/hotel/car penalty and CheapOair fees may apply on such changes.

Please note that within seventy-two (72) hours of departure, no changes are allowed and no refunds will be made.
A minimum stay of 2 days is required.
CheapOair generally offers the following:
  • Roundtrip journeys on scheduled airlines
  • Single destinations only, multiple destinations are not offered at this point
  • Flights will be confirmed, stand-by is not offered/allowed.
CheapOair generally offers the following:
  • Restrictions on hotel options depend upon individual hotel's policy.
Yes, we do. However, some hotels are not all inclusive. Please read carefully to see which hotels are all inclusive.
Yes, that is possible. Please call our vacation specialist at 1.888.793.4238 or email to initiate an upgrade request.
This will be handled separately between you and the hotel. Please be sure to check the hotel policy when buying the vacation package, since extra costs may be involved if a change is allowed.
You'll continue to accrue miles in any airline/hotel/car loyalty program that you're currently enrolled in. You will be earning points on your frequent flyer program as per the agreement between you and the airline, hotel or car company.

Please remember to call the airline/ hotel property /car company to confirm the point allocation once your vacation package is booked.
You cannot add travelers to an existing package. However, you can book a new package for the required travelers. Alternatively, you can call our vacation specialist at 888-766-3163 or email in order to complete the new package purchase.
All of our prices are listed with the taxes and fees listed. In doing so, we offer the best pricing information to help make well-informed decisions.
  • We also add most fees into our pricing, including airport access fees and customer facility charges.
  • Our prices do not include extra options you request, such as upgrades and special equipment, fees charged by the travel vendors when you arrive at your destination, like resort fees and energy surcharges; or airline baggage charges.
If your hotel stay is shorter than your original package duration, no refunds will be issued.
Please log on to and follow these steps:
  • Please click on the "Check My Booking" link located on the top left part of the page.
  • Fill out the required details as per the 'User Reservation" form, and your ticket information will be displayed.
  • Once the above details are entered, you will be able to view the last three bookings created by you. Please select the booking you wish to view by clicking on "Details". This will display the "Booking Receipt and Confirmation" page. You can email the itinerary to yourself by clicking on the "Email this page" link on the top right corner of the page.
If you do not find any results for your search, please verify the information entered or contact us at 888-766-3163 or 646 237-6831.