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Reasons to Book Cheap Accra Flights

The capital city of Ghana, Accra (ACC) is stretched along the Atlantic Ocean and the fine buildings reflect its journey from the 19th century to the modern, vibrant metropolis of today. The lethal combination of both cultural and modern values makes Accra exhausting and exhilarating.

James Fort

Climb to the top of the old Lighthouse near James Fort to get a breathtaking view of the city. The beach below operates a bar and often organizes performance and community events.

National Museum

Travel back in time by visiting the National Museum and get to know the Ghanaian History and the change in culture from then to present through cultural exhibits which include clothing, thrones, carvings, paintings, pottery. Also get to know the history of the Ghanaian currency through fascinating exhibits.

Independence Square

Ghana got independent from the British in 1957 and the Independence Square also known as the Black Star Square celebrates Ghanaian independence and has an eternal flame.

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