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Reasons to Book Cheap Addis Ababa Flights

Known as the spa capital of Africa for its sheer number of world-class spa facilities, Addis Ababa is both the capital and the largest city and state of Ethiopia. The charm of this city starts running deep with a composite landscape of Entoto Mountains, and a beautiful landscape of farmlands. Addis Ababa is the epicenter of African diplomacy and politics, and is home to African Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Ethiopian National Museum

Ethiopian Civilization is one of the oldest in the world, and that any artifacts or archaeological remains of its existence are of paramount significance in African continent. The Ethiopian National Museum is a world-class museum in Addis Ababa exclusively known for its 2 three million years old hominids (called Lucy and Selam), besides scores of sculptures, clothing and artworks of prehistoric times.

Ethiopian Ethnological Museum

The Ethiopian Ethnological Museum is a logical extension to the Ethiopian National Museum. It focuses on various ethnic groups in the country and gives a lucid account of their cultures, lifestyles and history. This representation is well supplemented by their respective religious arts, witchcrafts, ethnic outfits, musical instruments, and other related artifacts.

St George's Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral is an Orthodox cathedral in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was made in an atypical octagonal form and was dedicated to St. George whose holy icon was carried into a victorious battle against the Italian Fascist forces in 1896 AD. Heralded by a stunning work of stained glass windows, this ornate cathedral has a museum, royal throne and a number of weapons used in that decisive battle against the Italians.