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Bellingham is the largest city and county seat of Whatcom County in Washington, US. This hundred year old coastal paradise city along Bellingham Bay is known for its superb outdoor adventure (like snowboarding, skiing, canoeing, mountain biking and sea kayaking) and offers multiple sightseeing options across a natural landscape.

Bellingham Railway Museum

The Bellingham Railway Museum in Bellingham is a screenshot of those older times when rail transport was newly introduced to the city. This museum features a number of artifacts, historic photographs, colorful advertisements, posters and antique communication devices and their accessories that were used to promote railroad transport in the 20th century.

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention (formerly the American Museum of Radio and Electricity) is an interactive museum located in Bellingham. This interactive museum has an extensive collection of numerous scientific innovations from 16th to 20th centuries in the fields of electricity and radio waves. Of central importance here are a replica of the Titanic’s radio room and a hundred year old wireless telephone. This museum also has a first rate editions of some 400 year old books that were written by eminent scientists like Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday and Benjamin Franklin.

Eldridge Historic District

The Eldridge Avenue Historic District in Bellingham is a historical place that is lined up with old houses that were built during 1885-1910 AD. These houses signify varying ranges of architectural styles and are known for their state-of-the-art glasswork and stone work in them. Another notable feature of this place are the streets studded with a large number of elm, chestnut, maples and oak trees.

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