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Berlin is national capital and the largest city of Germany. It is best remembered for its historical associations with Hitler’s Nazi Regime and was the most sought after city during both the World Wars by the warring Allies. Fast forward to 2016, and you’ll find a Berlin that has come a long way past its dreadful Nazi tag and is rather a beautiful and cultural world city that wows its visitors with a 360 degree offering in arts, architecture, technology, music and sports.

Museumsinsel (or Museum Island)

Museum Island is a group of five international museums located on an island in Spree River in the heart of Berlin. These museums together have a vivid collection of ancient Greek, Middle-Eastern and Islamic arts and architectures spanning last few thousand years of human history. The star attractions here are the Pergamon Museum and the newly opened Neues Museum, the latter is home to some remarkable archaeological findings and some treasures unearthed at the legendary city of Troy.

Jewish Museum

Known for its permanent displays regarding two thousand years of Jewish history in Germany, the Jewish Museum is one of the largest Jewish museums in Europe. It has an extensive portrayal of Jewish history, society, politics, commerce, art, and culture.

Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

The Brandenburg Gate is where history and architecture come together in Berlin. This stunning 18th-century neoclassical marvel resembles the Athenian Acropolis and is known for its four-horse chariot, its six large columns on each side forming five passages for use by traffic. Before the Berlin Wall was demolished, people from either side used to climb over one of its observation platforms to see how life looked from the other side of the same country.

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  • Berlin - Amazing City

    Berlin is a great city, and very easily accessible to those who don't speak English. Everything is very straightforward, from transportation to food. Do check out the tourist attractions and the museums! - Alina  Jul 22, 2022

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