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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Cambridge Bay

Reasons to Book Cheap Cambridge Bay Flights

Named after Prince Adolphus, Cambridge Bay (YBC) is a small settlement located on the Southeast coast of Victoria Island in Nunavut, Canada. An important archaeological and commercial fishing area, the bay is stuffed with forests that offer exotic wildlife and famous for the Distant Early Warning Site that was established in 1955.

Mount Pelly

Mount Pelly is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Cambridge Bay located inside the Ovayok Territorial Park. Apart from offering breathtaking views of the bay from its peak, the area also consists of rare wildlife including caribou, muskox, arctic char, arctic fox and many more species.

North Warning System Area

Don’t miss the Distant Early Warning Site now known as North Warning System area which was built in 1955 to alert Canadian government of any suspected attacks. Presently the site is manned by about 18 people and is a popular tourist stop.

Ferguson Lake

Fishing expedition lovers should visit Ferguson Lake and enjoy the tranquility that its waters offer. You can also camp in the area and savor the outstanding sunset view with your loved ones.