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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Caracas

Reasons to Book Cheap Caracas Flights

Venezuela’s capital Caracas has one of the most dramatic settings among South American cities. The capital was founded in 1567 by Diego De Losada and the ubiquitous Avila National Park offers implausible views of both Caracas and the nearby coast, which is also worth an excursion.

Parque del Este

If this is a family trip and you want your kids to have extreme fun take them to Parque del Este which has many unexpected treats for the kids like a planetarium, zoo and a café. This park is the largest park in Caracas and can also find the locals playing soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Children's Museum

Children's Museum is the perfect place for your kids as here they get hands on experience of the wonder of natural and manmade world. The museum has touchable exhibits that capture the imagination of both kids and adults.

The Avila Mountain

The Avila Mountain provides great hiking options, so of hiking is your thing make your way to the Avila mountain and get amazing views of Caracas. To see the El Avila National Park stand in an open space in the city and look to the north and there you see it.