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Cleanly bisected by Cedar River, the beautiful city of Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa and the county seat of Linn County. It is also known as the ‘City of Five Seasons’ because the people here believe that the fifth season here means the time to enjoy the other four seasons and numerous sculptural representations of this happy notion appear throughout the city in many forms. Cedar Rapids is noted for its vivid and distinguished arts and cultural heritage and is home to a number of old mansions, history centers, nature center and art museums. A star attraction here is the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art- it has the world’s largest collection of Grant Wood’s paintings (like ‘Woman with Plants’ and ‘Young Corn’).

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Established in 1905, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art plays host to the world’s largest collection of contemporary American artworks of the twentieth century by renowned artists like Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, Bertha Jaques and Mauricio Lasansky. Also of note is the Riley Collection of ancient Roman portrait busts and over 7200 classical artworks that date back to Roman era.

Carl and Mary Koehler History Center

Carl and Mary Koehler History Center depicts a panoramic view of the Linn County vis-a-vis its cultural and historical heritage through a wide range of artifacts and photographs. It has 35000 artifacts that range from pins to electric cars, and are centrally hallmarked by a fascinating collection of collectibles related to the American Civil War.


Brucemore is a stunning piece of a 19th century Queen Anne-styled mansion in Cedar Rapids that is spread across a 26-acre estate. It was once the residence of three rich families that used to live here. Brucemore is go-to place for attending some musical events and fine arts performances that are held here on prior request.