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Chisinau is both the geographical and financial capital of Moldova. It has one of Europe’s highest percentages of green spaces and is alternatively known for its vineyards that reflect its 500 year old wine making traditions that translate into ‘Bere Chisinau,’ the city’s award-winning beer. Two of the country’s most famous festivals are Moldova National Wine Day and Wine Festival that are celebrated in the capital every year on the first weekend of October.

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is the heart of history and architecture in the city. It is home to an excellent example of 19th century Neoclassic architecture, the Nativity Cathedral that was bombed, demolished and desecrated few times by hostile forces until 1962. Ever since then, there has been sanity prevailing all around it and much of its older glory has been restored. Next attraction in Cathedral Park is the Triumph Arch (1841 AD) that stands as the hallmark of the Great National Assembly Square. Near to this park is the city’s flower market where you can find some of the most beautiful Russian flowers.

Army Museum

Army Museum in Chisinau is not just a museum - it is a pictorial representation (by photographs, videos etc) of the way Soviet Army had committed itself to numerous war crimes and atrocities against its enemies and some of its own citizens. Some prominent 20th century examples to the same horrendous accounts would include Red Terror, mass deportations to Siberia, slave labor, interrogation rooms and political executions. On the outside of Army Museum is a display of Soviet-era military aircraft and tanks.

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

Opened in 1889 AD, the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is the oldest museum in Moldova. Built in Oriental architecture, this museum is known for its extensive display of 135000 specimens across paleontological, geological, zoological, archaeological, entomological, ethnographic and numismatic distinctions. Central to all attractions here is a complete skeleton of an extinct elephant like mammal called Dinothere that lived on Earth nearly 7 million years ago.