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Book Cheap Flights to Colombia

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How to get Cheap Flights to Colombia?

Having worked out your itinerary for Colombia vacation, it is time for you to look for cheap flights. There are Online Travel Agencies (OTI) which offer easy-to-use search tools to help vacationers get cheap tickets to Colombia. One more thing. When you are flying to Colombia, compare the costs of top airlines to get the best possible deal. These OTIs also offer price alert tool which informs you of any change in price. Based on your requirements, you can modify or end your subscription. You also need to be flexible with your travel dates. It would definitely help you get cheap flight deals for Colombia. If you also wish to know the cheapest month or day when you can travel to Colombia, always scan a travel portal’s month view tool and book your tickets accordingly.

What are the Top Destinations of Colombia?

Columbia is known the world over for its vibrant nightlife, exotic locales and culinary delights among other things. If you are looking for a quaint place far from the madding crowd, then the best place would be Ciudad Perdida. If you happen to be one of those who love taking risks and is adventurous, this is the place for you. The place is not accessible by roads. So, you have to walk the distance wearing appropriate hiking gear. For animal lovers, the best place to spend a day will be at Zoologico de Cali. The zoo is home to a wide species of animals, from the sprightly Kolas to the ferocious Siberian tigers to giraffes. You will be full of beans after visiting the famous National Coffee Park located outside of Montenegro in Quindio. In fact, Colombian coffee happens to be one of the nation’s top exports. If you are in a party mood, just put on your dancing shoes and burn up the dance floor in Medellin. Groove to some peppy South American music. A tour of Colombia will be incomplete if you don’t partake of some of the much-loved dishes. From arepa to lechona to churros and enchiladas, you will surely be spoilt for choice. One can also sample the delicious street food of Columbia. Now that you have booked your air tickets to Colombia, enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

What are the Famous Festivals of Colombia?

Colombia knows how to live it up and make life worth living. It boasts of many colorful festivals taking place throughout the year. Vacationers who take cheap flight tickets to Colombia can have a whale of a time Many of the Colombia holidays are largely dictated by the Catholic calendar. The country is famous all over the world for its vivacious carnivals. In Columbia, most cities and towns have their share of carnivals round the year, that feature parades, costumes, music, food and dancing. Some of the famous events Columbia celebrates are Carnaval del Diablo, Barranquilla Carnival, Bogota International Book Fair, Festival of the Flowers, Day of the Candles among others. The Carnaval del Diablo, also called Festival of the Devil, is held to dispel sadness. The event features feasts, costumes, dancing, music, and poetry. In the Barranquilla Carnival, participants dress up in exotic costumes and take part in a grand parade with a queen, floats, salsa music and rumba dancing. If you are a die-hard bibliophile, try visiting The Bogota International Book Fair. It is a two-week event and attended by book lovers from across the world. It happens to be one of the world’s major literary festivals. The book fair also draws publishers, writers, illustrators, editors from different parts of the world. For nature lovers, the Festival of the Flowers can be a good distraction. The city of Medellin hosts this event every year. Spread over ten days in August, the event is marked by parades, concerts, an orchid exposition, and a competition amongst saddle men bearing flowers on horseback. The Day of the Candles, which is held in the first week of December, heralds the unofficial start of the Colombian Christmas season. At night, streets and homes wear a festive look as they are festooned with candles and paper lanterns. You can see all these and more if you book your cheap flights to Columbia.

Interesting Facts about Colombia

Every country has its share of facts from the funny to the bizarre. Colombia’s national sport Tejo involves throwing metal pucks or discs (tejo) which contain gunpowder and explode on impact. The game came to be declared the national sport under law in 2000. Colombia happens to be second most bio-diverse country in the world, second only to Brazil which is 10 times its size. This interesting piece of fact would definitely amuse you. Bogota boasts of South America’s largest network of bicycle routes: it covers a staggering 300km stretch from slum areas and suburbs to the city centre. With so many interesting facts at your fingertips, it’s time for you to book your tickets to Columbia and explore it to your heart’s content.

What is the Best Time to Visit Colombia?

If you have booked cheap tickets to Colombia, travel at your convenience as the country has generally a salubrious climate all round the year. Your visit need not be season specific. Tourists mostly visit this country between December and March as it rains the least during these months. And since it is the region and not the season that dictates climatic conditions here, it is best to pack for all weather conditions – like a sweater at night and a jacket in the mountains, which includes Bogota, located at an altitude of 2,650 meters above sea level.