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Coral Harbor (YZS) is a small Inuit hamlet situated in the Kivalliq Region in Nunavut, Canada. Renowned for the fossilized coral that is found in its waters, the place is nothing short of a paradise stuffed with beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife, steep cliffs and recreational activities. Some of the most famous tourist destinations in Coral Harbor are Bear Island, Coats Island, Duke of York Bay, Harry Gibbons Bird Sanctuary and many more.

Coats Island

Head to Coats Island to sight walrus, seals, polar bears etc lounging in the island’s premises. The island is also home to exotic bird species and tourists can also enjoy beautiful boat trips in its serene waters.

Duke of York Bay

Duke of York Bay is the place to be for adventure enthusiasts. Located on the tip of Southampton Island, the place offers challenging cliffs and terrain for hiking lovers. You can also fish and hunt in the area or enjoy a relaxed camping weekend in its vicinity.

Harry Gibbons Bird Sanctuary

Don’t miss Harry Gibbons Bird Sanctuary where you can spot walrus, beluga whales, harbor seals, arctic fox, polar bears, brown lemming and many more wildlife species. Also visit Kirchoffer Falls which is 25 foot high and presents beautiful scenery, a favored picnic spot in Coral Harbor.

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