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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Dar Es Salaam

Reasons to Book Cheap Dar Es Salaam Flights

Originally a fishing village in the 19th century, Dar Es Salaam (DAR) is now the largest and richest city of Tanzania, also known as its financial hub. The major Indian Ocean port is enriched by the cultures of British, Germans, South Asian, Tanzanian and Arabic communities all of which reside in the beautiful city. Famous for its diverse cuisine ranging from Thai, Chinese to Zanzibari food, the city presents scenic beaches, historical buildings and vibrant markets to travelers.

Museum and House of Culture

One of Dar Es Salaam’s most popular tourist destinations, Museum and House of Culture is Tanzania’s flagship museum and is a memorial to King George V. Some of the items on display are fossils of human ancestors which were unearthed during leakey digs, the famous Zinjanthropus baisei skull and much more. The museum also enlightens on Tanzania’s slavery and colonial era.

Bongoyo Island

Head to Bongoyo Island if you want to have a relaxing weekend with your friends and families. Mostly uninhabited, the island has some beautiful beaches and fine restaurants. You can also go for hiking trips and snorkeling to treat your adventure buds.

Azikiwe Street

Don’t miss Azikiwe Street to get a taste of the city’s diverse cuisines. From grilled meat, kebabs, stew to fish, you’ll certainly have a lot to savor in the place. New Africa Hotel is one of the popular dining spots in the street.