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Reasons to Book Cheap Edinburgh Flights

Edinburgh is the five hundred year old capital of Scotland. Voted the most desirable city to live in the UK and nicknamed ‘Athens of the North’, this historic Scottish city has a distinct undercurrent of antiquity beneath its contemporary façade. Some of its most trademark monuments include Edinburgh Castle, Holyroodhouse Palace, and Giles Church to name a few. The city also celebrates range of literary and cultural festivals, central to which is the world's largest annual international arts festival called Fringe.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the numero uno attraction in Edinburgh. It is known for a nine hundred year old royal castle of King David I that was a royal residence until 1633 AD, post which it was turned into a military stronghold. The star attractions here are the One O'clock Gun (cannon fired at 1 pm 362 days a year), St. Margaret Chapel (the oldest surviving 900 year old part of the castle) and the Royal Palace.

Holyroodhouse Palace

The Holyroodhouse Palace has been the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland since 16th century, and has seen the crowning ceremonies of kings. Nowadays this palace is the epicenter of many official events. Please note that visitor access to this palace is allowed only at certain times of the year when the Queen is not in Scotland.

Edinburgh Doors Open Day

Held annually in September, the Edinburgh Doors Open Day is an event wherein most of the city’s historic buildings are open to the public for free. This event is Edinburgh’s biggest draw as it allows everybody to see even the most restricted monuments in the city and admire their historical and architectural worth.