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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Lome

Reasons to Book Cheap Lome Flights

Capital of Togo and also its largest city, Lome (LFW) is situated on the Gulf of Guinea. Industrial center of Togo, the city is renowned for its diverse markets, museums, beautiful beaches, forests and scenic countryside. Another aspect that makes a vacation to Lome memorable is the friendly nature of the locals.

Grand Market

Don’t miss Grand Market, the city’s premier shopping destination. Shop for clothes, handicrafts, spices, travel bags, medicinal remedies and much more in the market and have a great time exploring its cuisine at the local food joints.

Togo National Museum

Togo National Museum is the perfect place to start exploring the history of the city. The museum houses heritage collection of jewelry, pottery, weapons, art pieces etc that are sure to enlighten you on the cultural aspect of the place.

Local Cuisine

Head downtown to enjoy the party scene in various clubs and also taste the local drink Tchouk of the city, other drinks to savor are deha, sodabe and many more. Privelege and 7Clash are the two most famous clubs in the city.

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