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The largest city in Hidalgo County in Texas, McAllen is located at the southern tip of the state in the Rio Grande Valley. The city is a part of the Southern United States. McAllen is just five miles away from the Mexican border and about an hour's drive west of South Padre Island and Gulf of Mexico. For tourists, there is wide variety of attractions in McAllen. Sightseeing opportunities include science museums, amusement parks, wildlife refuges, historic ferry, and more.

The Zone Action Park

Located just a short drive away from McAllen, the Zone Action Park is an amusement park offering four main actions zones with activities such as high-speed go-kart, golfing, bumper boating, and a plethora of other activities. It is an excellent place to go with family, especially kids.

International Museum of Art & Science

Located around three miles away from McAllen, International Museum of Art & Science boasts myriad hands-on science exhibits. The museum has over 50,000 square feet of exhibition area featuring art displays as well.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Preserving a unique subtropical habitat, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is located around 12 miles east of downtown McAllen. The main attractions of the park are bird and butterfly species rarely seen anywhere else in the USA. Visitors can also get a glimpse of indigo snakes and elusive deer.