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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to San Jose

Reasons to Book Cheap San Jose Flights

Regarded as the ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’, San Jose is the third largest city in California. This city is a contrasting mix of Spanish colonization and historical monuments with the corporate culture and skyscrapers of multi-national firms. The city’s cultural heritage is best seen in its art, architecture and museums, and the Downtown Historic District is an ideal place to start. It contains numerous buildings of six different architectural styles -Italianate, Romanesque Revival, Victorian, Edwardian, Neoclassical, Mission Revival, and Spanish Colonial Revival.

History Park

History Park at Kelley Park in San Jose, California, USA is an open-air museum that closely resembles a typical American town of the early 20th century. It contains replicas of many of the city’s historic buildings, central to which are a 19th century Electric Light Tower and Chinese temple, and a 19th century Queen Anne Style mansion Paula House that houses some local historic exhibits.

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose (California) took 38 years to take the form of a typical 19th century Victorian mansion. This meticulous work of baffling artisanship is now a prominent tourist attraction and visitors find it a full of mazes, lobbies that have a dead-end and stairs that run into ceiling, besides other odd pieces of architecture.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a theosophical museum devoted to Ancient Egypt. It is located in the Rosicrucian Park near San Jose, California. This museum has an exclusive collection of Egyptian tombs, mummies and artifacts that were collected by archaeologists over a period of last hundred years. You would be spooked to see a dimly lit copy of an ancient Egyptian rock-cut tomb from an Egyptian cemetery at Beni Hasan here.