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Premier fishing centre and home to some of the world’s richest fishing grounds, St Pierre (ZSE) is a small island located in the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean near Canada. Last vestige of France in North America, it is famous among tourists for its amazing history, ancient museums, beautiful landscapes and eco-tourism.

Pointe aux Canons Battery

Pointe aux Canons Battery is one of the most famous tourist destinations in St Pierre. The fort which was built in the 17th century to defend the area from the British during the Crimean War boasts of amazing architecture and history. The experience of going into the ancient era and imagining the theme of events is memorable.

Musee Heritage Saint Pierre

Don’t miss a visit to Musee Heritage Saint Pierre if you want to know about the cultural heritage and the diverse history of the city. The museum contains religious and medical artifacts of the 1920’s and presents heritage information about the culture and traditions of the city.

General Charles de Gaulle Square

Looking for authentic food, wine and some music, head to General Charles de Gaulle Square which also hosts the festivities on Bastille Day. Home to several landmarks like Gazebo and Old Fountain, it presents a breathtaking view of Atlantic Ocean in the backdrop.

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    Found the booking really easy and the airlines were fantastic!Easy rival and departures .Flight crews were fantastic and would do this again for the cheap flight again!Thx - Donna  Jul 04, 2021

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    wonderful experience in Kensington Market where we found the most fabulous cheese stores.... - Carmen  Jun 22, 2021

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