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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Tripoli

Reasons to Book Cheap Tripoli Flights

Known as Mermaid of Mediterranean, Tripoli (TIP) is the capital and largest city of Libya. Situated near the Tunisian border, northwest of Libya, the land is stuffed with beautiful mosques, monuments, souk markets and renowned for the spectacular architecture portrayed in its old town of Medina.

Assaraya al-Hamra Castle

Don’t miss Assaraya al-Hamra Castle which was built to protect the city of Tripoli. Also known as Red Fort, the amazing piece of architecture built on top of a Roman camp contains ancient statues and fountains from the ottoman era. A section of the castle is now converted into a museum housing archaeological artifacts related to the history of Libya.

Old Town of Medina

The Old Town of Medina is the perfect place to start exploring the city’s wonderful architecture. Housing numerous souk markets, restaurants and shopping stores, the town offers everything a tourist could ask for. Recommended to get the exotic flavor of the city.


Visit the city of Sabratha, a UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site. The city is famous for its third century theatre and the temples surrounding it. You can also visit an ancient museum in the city which enlightens about the history of the place.

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