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Reasons to Book Cheap Warsaw Flights

The capital of Poland, Warsaw is situated on the River Vistula. The history of the city and the country is depicted in its art and architecture. Almost every architectural style is visible here - Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, and more. Home to numerous galleries, museums, parks, castles, palaces, churches and several other attractions, Warsaw is a great destination for spending vacations.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum

Fryderyk Chopin Museum is the most suitable example of baroque architecture in Warsaw. This contemporary biographical museum (in the entire Europe) is situated in the Ostrogski Palace. Dedicated to the famous pianist - Fryderyk Chopin, the museum displays collections -including notes, printed copies of Chopin's work, autographs, some of his personal items and more. With nearly 15 rooms, the museum allows you to explore artist’s life style, his work, and see his room of death.

Lazienki Krolewskie Museum

The Lazienki Krolewskie Museum is a palace-garden complex, and one of the most beautiful planned areas in Warsaw, having spectacular architecture and greenery, which pleases the eye.

Multimedia Fountain Park

Located in a beautiful place near the Old Town, Multimedia Fountain Park attracts countless tourists from all corners of the world. The park fountain has 367 nozzles which shoots up to 30 thousand liters of water in a minute. There is a playground nearby (approximately 140 square meters) where children can have fun and play. The park holds water-light-sound multimedia on every Friday and Saturday.