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Amman is the national capital of Jordan. Founded in 7250 BC as a Neolithic settlement, this atypical Islamic city is known for its profound cultural, historic, economic, political, and culinary identity. Visitors to this part of the world are greeted with an unbelievable liberal and westernized outlook (which is a first in Arab countries), and city’s architecture also assumes a similar stance while presenting a complete spectrum of all the styles that were prevalent here.

Roman Amphitheatre

Amman was a seat of power during the Roman rule during the start of first millennium. Hence, it is anybody’s guess that a local amphitheatre must be a prologue to all existing architecture here. Amman’s Roman Amphitheatre was made by cutting a slice of a hill during the reign of Antonius Pius during 2nd century. This Roman Amphitheatre also had a statue of Goddess Athena that was later removed from here and was put in the National Archaeology Museum in the city.

Jabal al-Qal'a (or the Citadel)

The Amman Citadel is a historical site at the centre of downtown Amman. It is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places and multiple evidences of the same dating back to Neolithic Period have been found here. Of special note here are the Roman and Byzantine architectural monuments like the 2nd century old Temple of Hercules and a Byzantine church of subsequent times.

New Jordan Museum

The New Jordan Museum is situated both geographically and historically in the heart of the city. This world-class museum has to its credit an extensive display of how Jordan has progressed from being a mere Neolithic settlement to one of the most liberal and open-minded Arab city in the world. Of central significance here are the ten thousand year-old mannequins of Ain Ghazal, some Dead Sea scrolls and other assorted archaeological remains from in and around the city.