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Reasons to Book Cheap Bangalore Flights

Once known as ‘The Garden City’ and now regarded the ‘Startup Capital of India’ and ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka in India. It is a noisy but lively home to Kannada film industry, Indian IT companies and some notable Indian startups. For an unassuming visitor the biggest draw here is the city’s Neo-Dravidian temples and magnificent royal palaces. The constant tropical climate throughout the year makes visiting this city a sheer delight.

Cubbon Park

Established in 1864 and now worth a spread of 300-acre of lush greenery, the Cubbon Park is both the heart and lungs of the city. It is the go-to point to see an extensive range of flora in the city, the range that includes nearly 70 genres and 100 species of plants and trees. This park is centrally located in Bangalore and is home to various class-leading architectural examples of Gothic, Neo-Dravidian, and Neoclassical styles - none more famous than the seat of state legislature in Karnataka, the Vidhan Soudha.

Bangalore Palace

Completed in 1944 AD after 82 years of construction, the Bangalore Palace is a stellar combination of Indian elegance and European architecture. This royal palace closely resembles Windsor Palace (England) and was once the royal residence of the Wadiyar kings and visitors here are treated to an extraordinary show of opulent interiors, art galleries, hunted tigers and floral motifs.

Bull Temple

One of the most humbling experiences in India is to go the 500 year old Bull Temple in Bangalore. Built in authentic Dravidian style of architecture, this temple is known for its mammoth bull statue of Nandi (Lord Shiva’s bull) that was carved from a single granite rock. Common folklore assumes that the temple was built to appease a marauding bull that was devastating local crops. Once the temple was built, the bull was pleased and he wished the farmers good luck and prosperity. In order to reciprocate its benevolence, a groundnut fair (called Kadalekai Parase) is celebrated every year near the temple.

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