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Bogota is the capital and largest city of Columbia. It is political, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, and cultural center of the country and its significance is equated to that of Washington DC and San Francisco. Visitors would note that the city’s architecture is a mix of the colonial period and subsequent time frames - and it is best found in La Candelaria (the historic center of the city). It has numerous museums, government palaces, and old colonial buildings in cobblestone streets.

El Museum del Oro (The Gold Museum)

Bogota’s Gold Museum has the world’s largest collection of golden artworks and other pre-Colombian artifacts. The museum also features numerous artifacts relating to pottery, stone, shell, wood and other archaeological objects of pre-Spanish conquest. The Gold Museum portrays the cultural heritage of the indigenous cultures that used to prosper here.

Museo Botero (Botero Museum)

Vested by 500000 visitors annually, the Botero Museum in Bogota is home to Latin America's most important international art collection. The museum consists of more than a hundred artworks of the noted Columbian artist Fernando Botero and 85 those of other artists including the likes of Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Sonia Delaunay and Henri Matisse. This museum is open to public and is free of charge.

Iglesia de San Francisco (the Church of San Francisco)

The Church of San Francisco is Bogota’s oldest standing church. This 16th century church is known for its ornamental altarpiece and decorated interiors that look like a stunning work of Renaissance architecture.