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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Guadalajara

Reasons to Book Cheap Guadalajara Flights

Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco, and the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara. It was once named the ‘American Capital of Culture’ because it is the birthplace of Mariachi music and hosts a number of large-scale cultural events throughout the year like the Guadalajara International Film Festival and the Guadalajara International Book Fair. For football lovers, this city houses one of the most popular football clubs in the country (C.D. Guadalajara).

Guadalajara Cathedral

As the numero uno attraction of its eponymous city, the Guadalajara Cathedral had taken 58 years to complete after its construction had started in 1558 AD. Its façade features Baroque architecture with inputs from Gothic and Neoclassical architecture, while the interiors are classically Gothic. Visitors here should check out a mural entitled ‘The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin’ and some of the finest European paintings.

Hospicio Cabanas

The Hospicio Cabanas in Guadalajara is one of the oldest and largest hospitals in the US. It was built in 1791 AD by the Bishop of Guadalajara as a facility center that could be used as a hospital, orphanage and shelter for the poor.

Plaza de Armas (Weapons’ Square)

The Weapons’ Square is an impossible-to-miss attraction in Guadalajara. The most spectacular highlight of this square is a 19th century French Ironwork bandstand that serves as the performing arena for marching bands. The bandstand was brought by the then president Porfirio Diaz to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexican independence in 1910 AD.