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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Guatemala City

Reasons to Book Cheap Guatemala City Flights

Guatemala City is the capital of the Republic of Guatemala. It is the axis around which the nation’s economy, government, and culture spin around. This city has played host to some of the most significant historical elements of Central America like the Mayan Civilization, Spanish Colonial Rule and independence of Central America from Spain. Proportional to the city’s historical identity is its religious and architectural heritage that is evident in some of its antique churches like Cerrito del Carmen, Catedral Metropolitana and Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace of Culture)

National Palace of Culture is the architectural emblem of Guatemala City. Once the headquarters of the President of Guatemala, it is the origin of all the roads in the Republic and is characterized by a geographical point known as Kilometro Cero (or Zero Kilometer). Nowadays it is home to a museum, and the national library. The museums and art galleries host a local handicrafts and pre-Columbian artifacts.

Mapa en Relieve (Relief Map of Guatemala)

The Relief Map of Guatemala is a hundred year old triumph of engineering and art. It is where you would come to learn most about the city’s vivid and steep topography, and the way the city has progressed since 18th century vis-a-vis some historical events.