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Manila (or the ‘Pearl of the Orient’) is the capital, and second most populous city and one of the oldest inhabited places of the Philippines. It is centrally located on Pacific trade route along the Manila Bay and is home to a number of 16th century landmarks. This South Asian megacity is the economic and cultural heartthrob of the island nation and is graced by a million visitors every year.


Intramuros is a Spanish term that implies ‘Within the Walls.’ Dating back to the Spanish acquisition in sixteenth century, it is the oldest part of the city and was mostly enclosed by fortified walls to fend off pirates and invaders. It was leveled to the ground during the Second World War by US Air Force and now only a few monuments reminiscent of the Spanish era remain. Some of them include San Agustin Church, Fort Santiago, Anda Monument, Legazpi-Urdaneta Monument and Queen Isabel II Monument.

San Agustin Church

Built in early seventeenth century, San Agustin Church is the third church on the same site after the previous two had succumbed to serial earthquakes. This one had miraculously withstood a severe bombardment by the American Air Force during WWII and is now an integral part of Intramuros for its richly decorated interiors. Of special note are the splendid interiors moldings, a baroque pulpit, a grand pipe organ, an antechoir with a 16th-century crucifix and a set of 16 beautiful chandeliers from Paris.

Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is a 17th century citadel in Intramuros, Manila. This historic defense fortress was a site of the Battle of Manila during the Second World War. The Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, was imprisoned and executed here by the Spanish Army in 1896, and the visitors can today see the last of his footprints encased in brass. After the war concluded, the government declared Fort Santiago a ‘Shrine of Freedom’ in 1950.