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Grab Cheap Flight Tickets to Oaxaca

Reasons to Book Cheap Oaxaca Flights

One of the most biologically diverse cities in Mexico, Oaxaca (OAX) is a city located in Southwestern Mexico and is famous for its paradise beaches. Bordered by states of Guerrero and Puebla, it’s a treat for tourists because of its virgin beaches, hidden jungles, breathtaking peaks, amazing nightlife and world heritage sites.

Monte Alban

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Monte Alban is an archaeological site of great history and significance. Containing one of the most famous ruins in Latin America, the site is built on top of a mountain and offers an excellent view of the countryside, Guides are available in the place offering historical information on the land of Mexico.

Museo Regional de Oxaca

Don’t miss Museo Regional de Oxaca which houses artifacts concerning Zapotec, Olmec and Mixtec civilizations and exhibits information on the city’s religion and culture. You can also view the treasure which was excavated at Tomb 7 of Monte Alban by archaeologists.

Explore Rocking Nightlife of Oaxaca

The city is famous for its nightlife and music scene and to explore the same, head to Candela and Azukar, city’s premier restaurants and renowned entertainment hubs. From live music, great dance to irresistible food, you’ll find everything to keep you engaged.

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