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Playa del Carmen (PCM) is a small fishing town and offers many boutiques and entertainment venues. The beaches are amazing like any other place and the nightlife equals to the Americans and the Europeans. Located within the Riviera Maya Playa is a stop for several cruise ships and offers a lot of things to see and do.

Rancho Baxal

Located just about 15 kilometres from Playa del Carmen this place offers horseback riding tours which are available at three different timing in a day and they also provide full moon riding tours limited for six riders.

The Jungle Place

If you are a wildlife lover the jungle place is for you which are capable of giving you a fantastic experience. Rent a car from Playa del Carmen and take up a single day tour to this place and make sure that you get your bookings in advance.

Charter Fishing

Go charter fishing and bring your own fish to get cooked at any of the restaurants here which are happy to cook up your fish and also provide you with all other amenities.

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