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Seoul is the capital of South Korea. It is the largest city in the country and the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. It is where ancient traditions meet with cutting-edge, digital technology and tranquil Buddhist temples and pagodas share space with nightlife hotspots and pulsating pop music venues. Seoul is futuristic city evolving at a phenomenal speed that is equivalent to most American and Chinese cities, and is one of the world leaders in subway systems.


Built in 1395 AD and twice razed in 1592 and 1910 AD, Gyeongbok-gung is the grandest palace of the Joseon dynasty in Seoul. Gyeongbok-gung also houses the Joseon Palace Museum and the Korean Folk Museum flanked by some ornamental gardens.


Seoul’s next star attraction, Changdeok-gung was first built in 1405 and was the seat of power between 1618 and 1896. It is known for a main palatial building with a distinct Chinese appearance called Injeongjeon. It is flanked by some other wonders like Huwon (or the ‘Secret Garden’), a blue-roofed royal office (called Seonjeongjeon), Daejojeon (or ‘Great Making Hall’) and a bedchamber.

N Seoul Tower

Seoul’s N Seoul Tower is the tallest structure in the city that once used to be the tallest structure in Asia. Topping at 236 meter in the middle of the South Korean capital, it is the alpha place to see some of the most breathtaking cityscapes up to the Namsan Mountains. The tower features an observatory, a live museum, a children's theater analogue observatory, the Wishing Pond, a sky restroom, a telescope, a revolving restaurant and a roof terrace.