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Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, lies in the northern part of the island and is located between the Yangming and Central Mountains. The city has always fascinated tourists as here one can see the glimpses of Tokyo, Paris, and New York in its cafes, restaurants, malls, and boutiques. All these are located in the eastern part of the downtown Taipei. Whereas the western part has narrow streets and roadside vendors who beautifully depicts the old Taipei life and culture!

Confucius Temple

This temple was constructed in the late 1920s by the renowned Fujian craftsman Wang Yi-shun. It is a magnificent example of Taiwan's lovely decorative art and Minnan (southern) architecture. One can learn about the history of the structure and the Six Confucian Arts like archery and riding, through sign boards which are displayed at various places within its premises.

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

It is a private museum located in the basement of a nondescript tower block. Exhibited here are doll -house-sized replicas of western houses, castles, chalets, palaces, and villages. Also displayed are scenes from classic children's stories like Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and more.

Zhongshan Hall

Zhongshan Hall is a four storey structure, built for the coronation of Emperor Hirohito in the year 1936. The third floor contains the masterwork by Huang Tu-shui, the first Taiwanese artist who studied in Japan. Considered as one of the most modern buildings of its time it showcases a beautiful blend of modern and western classical architecture.

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